Saturday, April 22, 2006

Abseil Brick Colour Treatment

This week we made some incredible progress towards completing what has been one of Edgecliff's biggest eye soars for many years.
The Old Edgecliff Post Office which is now decked out as one of the most luxurious office locations and the bottom floor boasts a full floor fitness club with high tech gym gear.
Back to the job we have been quoting this project for about 2 years now with an associate company Nawkaw Australia. I will put up some progress shots so that you can see the amazing transformation that has come about with their brick colouring solution. You can also view some of their work at .
Anchor wise, this job has been a nightmare. A long rectangular flat tin roof with zero anchor points. We have some bomb proof structure on either end of the roof and have had to install some M12 SS Eye Bolts to share and divert the loads.
Our Rope Access Technicians on this Sydney Team have been: Jez Tolputt IRAA Level III, Kim Parsons IRAA Level II also Dan, Joe and Ed who are all IRATA Level I's. You can see Joe on the previous post. That's right, the big fella.

Our Rope Access Team is an enthusiastic crew and we are striving toward being one of Sydney's leading Rope Access Team. We are moving also into the Rigging Field with the support of Coventry Fasteners who has just established a joint venture with Ramset and Beaver Australia. Soon we will be able to offer complete systems for building managers in Sydney that will allow full safe access to the roof tops and all sides of the buildings via Rope Access.

Life as an industrial abseiler really is a career suitable for a technical professional with and exterior view point loving working from height and making it safe for all.

Until the next post, Mike King.

Here's the shot. Two happy Sydney Abseilers applying the Nawkaw colouring. I will put up the finished product later.

Much easier setup that scafolding.

Chow for now.