Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Young Rope Access Technician Tell His Tale.

Being a Rope Access Technician is an interesting line of work, we in this business have the skill, qualifications and certificates to get where other tradesman cannot venture.

We especially pride ourselves on our professionalism and quality of work delivered.
The team I work with at Townview are an exceptional group of young men, their ethical conduct, morals and understanding of good exchange make them ideal when you have to trust the men you work with one hundred percent.

Luckily some of the guys also have a profound sense of humor which makes the unbearable work bearable and entertaining, not to say that a lot of our work is unbearable because in fact most of it is rather enjoyable, I love painting with a million dollar view of Potts Point or cleaning windows fifty four story’s off the ground, that sounds a little bit frightening to some and I assure you the first time I abseiled down a building over a hundred meters tall I was no James Bond but with experience, certainty in your equipment and training comes confidence.

Unfortunately its not all fun and games, because we are the best and well trained we are called in to do work that poses as dangerous for untrained men, for example how would you replace the air beds that are located at the bottom of a nine story silo, bearing in mind that the only entrance is a two meter hole on the roof and the air beds are under four hundred and eighty tons of cement that won’t flow, well like a bad sci-fi you send four guys in telly tubby suits to first dig out the six hundred something tons, this is off course done with a very high regard for safety, radios, watchmen, mechanical hauling system, four to one hauling systems, back up ropes and compressed air, every danger is looked at, assessed and then made safe.

After the cement has been removed by four highly trained technicians posing as telly tubby’s or dust monkey’s, we then measure up the air bed’s, haul our materials down the hole and replace the lot.

After just a few short weeks of tough digging the employing company has a silo which now works better then when it started operation back in the fifties.

Let us not limit our imagination to cleaning out silo’s for we do just about every form of work that involves rope access. Painting, window cleaning, concrete repairs, membrane coating, brick laying building survey and make safes etc.

Thomas Cullen, employee of Townview Group Services

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