Friday, March 21, 2008

rope access

It has all been happening at the Townview Warehouse this week.

We have definitely been a bit slow in setting up our new premises, but this week we got very busy and finally put the warehouse layout into full working order.

We now have a large flowing office, a large open warehouse with a grocery store layout and most importantly, a Gym. In our gym we have a small climb centre, adequate to be able to carry out the majority of rope access drills, punching bags and most probably by the end of the week a speed ball and bench press. It is vital that we have a sharp and fit team and even more importantly in this game a bunch of guys that know each other well and can depend on each other.

Today I had the first practical use of the climb centre in regard to checking out one of our new technicians. Adam is an IRATA Level I and has been on trial for us for about three weeks now. Other that the normal small mistakes that we all tend to make from time to time, there were no bad reports at all about this guy. I called Adam into the gym today and asked him just to carry out some basic rope access drills. Other than some minor correction just to bring him into the style of the company, he moved very smoothly on the ropes. He is officially off his trial period now and part of the team.

This is vital for any company manager that he can take a look first hand at all of the technicians that are working within his team. We all has a duty of care towards our technicians and ensuring that all new guys are competant in their rope access drill is a part of this care.

Cheers, Mike King.



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