Thursday, August 16, 2007

rope access

Rope Access, You Bet!

We have had the most awesome time in the past few month with this Rope Access Team.

I tell you, you would be hard met to beat the great people that you meet in this rope access industry. I don't care what you career is. I cannot imaging that you would be able to meet such a diverse range of people and amazing locations in such a great city. That is Sydney Australia of course.

At the moment we have a team of about 12. Yes the wages bill is a bit of a worry, but the times that we have on the locations we look after surely does compensate for the worries tied up with running a business.

We have recently come up with a winning business formula which I will definitely share with you all in the near future. Even though still in the pilot stages It really is proving to be a great success. What is the use of being in a great industry if you are overwelmed with business stress.

Well, the tools that we are using are strickly designed to take that stress away so that you can concentrate on what you love. In our case, we love our work and love the locations that we work on.

Yes I will be offering this to anyone who wants to trial this system in the near future. There is plenty of work for everyone out there. You just have to decide that you want to get busy and make it go right.

Until then I hope that you enjoy all of our upcoming articles.

A big cheers, Mike King.

rope access


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