Saturday, March 25, 2006

New Web Site.

The new Townview web site is up:

Check it out. Also we are taking on a mentoring program from The Internet Marketing Centre under the guide of Derek Gehl. The main purpose of this is to firstly get more targeted traffic to our web site from the Sydney area and secondly to increase our subscribers list for our soon to come, action packed, Townview Monthly New Letter.

In my next blog I will take you to a spectacular filming location over Sydney's Luna Park. With an incredible back drop of Sydney Harbour Bridge we filmed the enovative Wagtail Window Cleaning Tool in action. Our extremely daring camera man Ron Croft, from Double Vision, was harnessed up camera in hand and ready for take after take till we got it just right.

Ron did extremely well and was glowing from his adrenaline rush. Look forward to next posting.

Cheers, Mike King.


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